Summary 1239639: Industrialized Smart Metering

Publiziert am: Jan. 14, 2022

BKW Energie AG

BKW is an international energy and infrastructure company that offers integrated solutions in the fields of energy, buildings and infrastructure. As part of the Swiss Energy Strategy 2050, smart meters are to be rolled out across the country. For BKW, this means that more than 400,000 of its current meters need to be replaced with smart meters. The entire reading process must be reviewed and either adapted or overhauled to prepare for the smart meter rollout. This will lead to industrialisation of the reading process. The objective is to turn BKW’s reading process into a highly integrated, data-focused overall system made up of closely coordinated, individual components.

This iSM tender project will evaluate suppliers that will support BKW in industrialising and optimising its reading process. The purpose of the tender is to find and implement a comprehensive, fully optimised solution, taking the end-to-end reading process into consideration. Procurement is structured into lots in Simap. Some of the lots are optional and will not necessarily be awarded – they are explicitly described as options in the tender documentation. Lots/options will be awarded individually to one or several providers depending on the lot/option. Different lots/options may be awarded to the same provider. Lots/options from the same provider or joint providers may be combined, and doing so is desirable.

This tender documentation also contains the pre-qualification documentation. The most suitable providers will receive the RFP documentation, which will be used to prepare a proposal. Discussions will be held with the providers to facilitate preparation of the final proposal. The aim here is to determine an optimised package solution that meets BKW’s requirements while making use of the providers’ expertise.

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  • 48000000: Software package and information systems
  • 38551000: Energy meters
  • 48100000: Industry specific software package
  • 30211300: Computer platforms
  • 38554000: Electricity meters
  • 48614000: Data-acquisition system
  • 38550000: Meters
  • 48517000: IT software package
  • 48800000: Information systems and servers
  • 48445000: Customer Relation Management software package
  • 48613000: Electronic data management (EDM)
  • 31230000: Parts of electricity distribution or control apparatus
  • 48412000: Tax preparation software package
  • 32441100: Telemetry surveillance system
  • 48151000: Computer control system
  • 32412000: Communications network
  • 30236200: Data-processing equipment
  • 31712111: Phone cards
  • 31712112: SIM cards
  • 38560000: Production counters
  • IT: IT
  • IT-HW: Hardware
  • IT-SW: Software
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Jan. 14, 2022 Publikationsdatum
Feb. 22, 2022 Abgabetermin 4 p.m.

The documents must be received by BKW by February 22, 2022 at 4:00 pm. They can be handed over by post or in person at the reception desk at Viktoriaplatz 2, Berne (against confirmation of receipt).

Formal requirements:
The application for participation with all enclosures must be submitted 1x in paper form and 1x in electronic form (memory stick) with the following note:

Tender iSM BKW
Mathias Jenni


BKW Energie AG
Viktoriaplatz 2
3013 Bern

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